February 7, 2011

Jobs, Money & PCS

Today has been a tough day for us, especially physically. I'm down to twice a week for physical therapy for my neck, but now they think there's also problems with my shoulder as well. But anyways, I've been applying for jobs non-stop, and of course somehow I got denied a job at Best Buy, seriously?? BEST BUY?! Ugh, maybe I was to good for them, but that shows you how desperate I am for a job. Actually, the fact I have almost stalked my old boss for my job back shows how desperate I am. I haven't heard from any of the employers I've applied for, which is discouraging. Also, my Avon launch isn't going as good as I was hoping... I got two orders so far, and they are both from people I know.. :/

Today I found out that I was getting a extremely nice gift for my birthday, to help pay down debt. So, being the OCD self I am, I sat down called all the credit card companies asked for the balances, typed out an excel worksheet then made a chart using word, actually two charts. 1 with percentage, and 1 with actual dollar amounts. And tried to figure out the best way to pay stuff down, but for some reason I kept going to my husbands stuff AGAIN. I've already put my money into paying off his debt, so this time I think its fair for me to use the money to pay MY debt off. Am I being selfish? I've already paid off 4 of his cards and none of mine.

Anyways, he goes in this week or something like that for re-enlistment, and hopefully well get a decent bonus to help with finances as well. Also, were looking for two roommates to rent out the two rooms we have open for 5 months, just to help us save up some money for the PCS, and getting a new SUV. We are just trying to make the money we can while we can, and to save what we can for the future PCS and SUV purchase.

The main things I want in the next 6 months or sooner.
1. Get at least 1 roommate for 500/ month
2. Pay off 3 credit cards
3. Get a job!!
4. Have the disability claim completed!
5. Help my best friend decorate her room for her new addition!
6. Get at least 10 Avon Orders
7. Get off at least 6 medications
8. Figure out my back problems
9. Go to the orthopedist for my mri results and have them be good!
10. Yard Sale to get rid of the stuff we don't want, use or need!

Please help spread the world about my Avon launch, you can order directly online and it will be shipped directly to your house, and it's all done online so you don't have to give out your credit card number or anything of that sort.
Here's the link.. Please SHOP away with great prices, amazing products, and even better sales ..

Thanks for listening to my randomness!


  1. I say pay down some of you debt also, for the new SUV purchase in the future! The less debt you have the better interest rates you will get on the SUV!

    Good luck with the Avon,I am hoping to start selling Scentsy soon but I am nervous about actually selling much.

  2. The way we see it, it's our debt. As we look at paying it off, we look at the balance and the interest rate. For monthly payments, we pay the minimum on most and pay as much as we can to the one with the lowest amount. Once that's paid off we out as much as we can tot he next lowest one. It doesn't matter who it belonged to before we were married...we want it ALL paid off. With some of our tax return we'll be paying off one or two of them...and we haven't decided which ones yet...I'd like to do the ones with the highest interest rate.

    Congrats on selling Avon! I sell Pampered Chef and it can take a little bit for your business to take off. Did you have a grand opening show/open house? Good Luck!

  3. Cassie, I've been there with the debt. We just finally within the last 6 months got almost out of debt (minus my school, which well ... let's face it ... will be a while). You should definitely look at it as your debt not his and mine. It doesn't matter how either of you got there, it matters how you get out, and that's together. Yes, Tom may or may not have more, but when you said "I do" it was for better or worse, and right now the finances may be at a point of worse - but it will get better. You just have to keep on keepin on.

    Using the term mine or his could really put a divider up between you two and that's not good for any marriage.

    It takes time to get there, but you will ... I know you will!


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