February 10, 2011

Back to Work in Finances

I did it, after completely spamming out my resume and applying to every job possible I got a job. Interesting enough its with finances again, although my previous job was giving out loans, this job is collecting on loans and credit.

It was necessary for me to get a job to help pay for the finances in our household, with two cars, a mortgage, and debt galore, but thankfully we have two amazing families that have helped us out this year tremendously.
In the past few months we were able to pay off 1/2 our debt and get back on track with payments. Now with my new job making the same as my previous job, well be back on track to pay off all our debt (using the snow ball effect).

In seven months we will be moving across the country to Alaska, and most likely be stationed there for 2 years. Neither of our cars are equipped for weather like that, or have any type of snow "attire". We discussed that we will be selling his car (again) or trading it in to get an SUV. Why an SUV you ask? We have 3 dogs, 1 cat and hopefully within a the next 2 years a baby on the way. And I'm terrified to drive in snow in a small car, not because of me but because of everyone else. (I'm a baby what can I say).

Having this job, and bills paid down will allow us to get better financing on the SUV and have an opportunity to put money into savings for things down the road and an emergency fund.

I never thought I would be into finances, since after high school I went to beauty school and worked in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist. But now I have a passion for finances, and love working with numbers. Am I brilliant with numbers, no. But I can learn damn fast and with passion, persistence and hard work it all works out.

In a few days we will also be receiving a large amount of money from taxes, and family to help us even more with the debt. I am glad to say we are on our way to a debt free life and can support each other with love and kindness and not have the stress of finances tearing us apart.

Other updates:
The husband will be re-enlisting soon.
I start training on Valentines Day (not like my husband will be getting me anything as usual).
Avon is harder than I thought, and would LOVE if people would order from my site. It will be directly shipped to you, and there is 100% full guarantee so if you are unhappy you can send it back.

Also, in March we have both of our families visiting and will be attending the second to last graduation my husband will be in (he's a drill sergeant). After that is June where my biological family is driving from NY to visit, meet my husband and to see the graduation as well.

What I haven't figured out is how is my job, his job and our families all going to work out? And how will we entertain them when neither of us are home.

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